Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Beware Unity

Even at the peak of the American Revolution, barely 1/3 of the colonists were unified behind the fight for independence. In fact, during no time in American history was there ever a period where a super-majority of Americans joined together as a unified nation sharing common goals and beliefs. So why do some presidential candidates and journalists keep harping on the dire need for unity? What’s so great about unity? I don’t want a president who “reaches across the aisle” to pass bills into law that compromise important economic and political principles. Sure, it would be nice if everyone could just get along. But that’s not what the unity people want.

These people define unity as everyone unified under a single belief system - their system. No room for other views, thoughts or opinions. Since the word conformity seems to have lost its edge, I’ll use a better word to describe what the unity people want for America: totalitarianism.

Anyway, beware unity.

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