Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Just register your truck in Mexico for unfettered driving in USA

Once Dorothy saw how the wizard operated, it was easy for her to see how he manipulated everyone in Oz into thinking he was all powerful. Knowing something about how the media operates, I see how Americans are being manipulated. When I see a one-sided story created to advance an agenda being presented as objective journalism I get incensed. A feature on MSNBC sparked this letter:

Just wanted to let you know that Monica Novotny's interview with John Hill about allowing Mexican trucks to drive throughout the USA was a fine example of one-sided journalism that failed to offer anything informative. It simply advanced the pro-Mexico agenda and her questioning was simply leading Mr. Hill from one step of his promotional message to the next. How anyone can be so unconcerned about the free movement of trucks over the border and throughout our country without requiring the trucks to meet US DMV/DOT standards is beyond me. Or maybe there are some standards but Monica didn't bother to ask Mr. Hill. She just took his word for it that we should all be assured that no potential threat exists. Did it not occur to anyone to ask, "What about trucks that are carrying bombs, or illegal aliens or hazardous materials over the border?"
C'mon, you guys can do much better than that.
Regards, Paul Entin

Our government seems quite concerned about whether our cars and trucks are inspected regularly to ensure they meet DMV standards and operate safely on the road yet there seems to be virtually no concern that tractor trailers from Mexico - never having been inspected or required to meet DMV standards - are perfectly free to roam about the country. Even a new tractor trailer that meets DMV standards driven by a trained, conscientious driver who can read road signs and is wide awake can be a menace to the road. Imagine the danger from other trucks that aren't so new and well-maintained or from drivers who may not read the road signs very well.

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