Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Please Pass the Steroids

Steroids work wonders, as Arnold demonstrates. So why are they illegal?
The steroid controversy has centered on whether A-Rod, Mark McGwire, Roger Clemens, Marion Jones, Ben Johnson and other professional athletes used the performance enhancing drugs to...enhance their performance - to cheat. The fact that they committed crimes by buying and using steroids rarely earns mention. But what many people seem to be overlooking is that steroids clearly do in fact enhance performance. They are proven to regenerate muscle and promote its growth. That's why steroids were given to wounded soldiers in WWII. That's why they help you run faster. That's why hitting a weak lineout to second base becomes a double in the gap. They work.

Therefore, why aren't we all enhancing our performance with steroids? Why aren't we focusing far more attention on learning how to use steroids safely in moderation rather than simply banning them outright as a controlled substance?

Sure, abusing steroids - like abusing any drug - carries serious health risks. But the known side effects of Ritalin and other drugs commonly given to kids like candy are more serious than the acne, headaches and other side effects likely to be caused by modest, medically supervised steroid use. The ban-and-be-terrified-of-roids community still has to cling to Lyle Alzado as its poster child and he died nearly 20 years ago. Of all the thousands upon thousands of people supposedly using steroids, according to the surveys conducted in schools and by the gov't, is there no one else in the last 20 years who has had such horrific results? Arnold Schwarzenegger lived on steroids for longer than Alzado and the governor seems to be in pretty good condition.

Steroids need more investigation - not mere vilification - so we can more accurately judge the risks vs. the rewards for ourselves. Then we can decide with our doctors whether or not they may be effective for us.

If going bald really is a side effect, Ill risk it.

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