Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Paul's Economy Won't Show Up In Job Creation Reports

There's a small economy bustling outside my house. The lawn service, landscape contractor and pool company are all hard at work while relying on me to be hard at work, too.

The lawn service is a sole proprietor and former stock broker who realized he'd rather be cutting lawns four days per week and going fishing the other three, weather permitting. The landscape contractor started his company a few years ago and now has his own skid steer loader, landscape truck and work crew (freelance). The pool company fixing the sand filter housing is a local, family-owned retailer/service company who hires laborers for the summer.

None of these people waited for the government to "create" a job. And by hiring them, I get specialized services, capabilities and expertise beyond my own. I help keep them in business so their work crews have jobs and I get to keep myself in business, too. And we all provide higher quality work to our Clients because we're doing what we were meant to be doing.

Despite how clear it is to me and millions of other entrepreneurs that my economy is what drives America (and the world if given the opportunity), we're largely shunned by elected officials and the socialist academics they follow. The jobs my economy created aren't counted in the job creation statistics or at least aren't valued as highly as the jobs created at taxpayer expense.


Anonymous said...

Well said. With the very limited exception of public works and community service projects, government has historically demonstrated an inability to create jobs. The nanny state will not always keep and protect us.

Robin said...

You forgot to mention the companies (both large and small, private and public) who go out of business and have to rely on the government for assistance, while they attempt to start up a new business that may or may not (more likely wont) make it. Not to mention the people who work for these companies, because after all, you can't do it alone (even your pool guy hires laborers, though only part time and probably not local) who rely on a steady income to support themselves and their families. But I love you, Paul!

Mike Strauss said...

Great blog Paul!!!!

Paul said...

Thanks, Mike.

Robin, I miss you guys but I'm not seeing your point.

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