Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Top reads for protesting, occupying, rallying

For those peaceably assembling in the streets and for those taking long rides to the protest rallies, there's a lot of time to read up on how our country arrived at this critical juncture in history and on what needs to be done to allow the economy to grow. Read these books before talking to reporters on camera or shooting a YouTube video to be sure you not only fully understand the issues but also are able to articulate them for others who may lack such clarity on the importance of these protests:

A Short History of Money and Banking, Gouge: the economic turmoil of today seems little different from the economic turmoil that plagued several periods during the 1800's, and much of today's troubles would have been predictable if anyone had paid attention to what had already happened in the past - and is sure to continue happening in the future if dramatic changes are not made.

A capitalist among the socialists occupying Wall Street - advertising works! If you're protesting, take a look at these books to be sure you not only fully understand the issues but can articulate them for the news media in seven-second sound bites.
Economics In One Lesson, Hazlitt: this essential work uses 23 real-life examples to illustrate the interconnected nature of the global economy. The value of stimulus projects, the impact of taxation on production, the relationship of employment and wages and the use of printing money or "monetizing the debt" are just some of the issues covered.

Fortune Tellers: Inside Wall Street's Game of Money, Media and Manipulation, Kurtz: this book from CNN's media watchdog reporter reveals how the investment banks, analysts, public companies and media such as CNBC, CNN and the Wall Street Journal effectively conspire to dupe individual investors of their money.

Animal Farm, Orwell: see how the downtrodden, overworked animals rise up against their capitalist oppressors! When they finally learn the truth about how their most charismatic leaders take advantage of their idealism, it's too late.

Night, Wiesel: If you think outsourcing jobs, Wall Street bailouts and paying a portion of one's own healthcare represent the pinnacle of man's capacity for inhumanity, cruelty and brutality against his fellow man then read this true story about what happened to Elie Weisel - and millions of other innocent people - when the Nazis came to town. 

Washington's Crossing, Fischer: You don't need to live as close to the town of Washington's Crossing as I do to marvel in astonishment at what Washington's army endured to oust the British and the Hessians from Trenton and the surrounding area. In light of President Obama calling Americans soft, I wonder if today's Americans would bother to go through what Washington's troops endured if only for their freedom and that of their families. You'll be amazed what people risked so that we would be free to peaceably assemble in the streets today.

If there are other books you think would be worthwhile for people protesting or considering protesting, please put the title and author in the comment box. I'd be happy to take a look.

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