Monday, May 21, 2012

Stinkbugs Laughed at these Traps

As a public service, I'm offering my experience in stinkbug removal. First, I built this trap from a soda bottle with an LED light inside. I placed it in a hallway where five or six of them typically land each night and turned out all other lights. It was great fun to watch one of these evil bugs walk right towards it but then he kept walking right past it, laughing. Total catch after first night: zero.

Then I placed it outside on the deck for 24 hours, then onto a railing near a tree then on the ground within some plants and ground cover. One week total catch: zero stinkbugs. It did catch more than a dozen ant-like insects.

Next, I tried the Sterling's Rescue Stink Bug Trap (pictured). It uses a chemical attractant that works like the Japanese beetle and yellow jacket traps, both of which work quite well. First, I placed it outside near some ground cover. Total catch after two days: Nearly a dozen young spiders, which eat stinkbugs, and zero stinkbugs.

Moving the trap inside to where they are likely coming in via the air conditioner, I was pleased to see one stuck inside the trap. But then I saw three more on the window. I left them alone for a few more hours to give the trap a chance and returned to find the same stinkbug alone in the trap. Several more had joined the club on the window and I had to revert to the manual method of removal.

So no need to bother with these traps. Or if there's a more effective way to place them, please lmk.

Update: One week later, the trap has caught nine stinkbugs. So it would be inaccurate to state it does not work. It simply doesn't work very well.

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