Thursday, May 03, 2012

FBI Our Greatest Domestic Terror Threat?

The FBI created a plot to blow up this bridge near Cleveland, Ohio then arrested the people they convinced to do the job. Photo courtesy Associated Press.
It seems every time a news story praises the FBI for foiling a domestic terror plot that it turns out the FBI actually created the terror plot just so they could stop it from happening and discredit people who protest against the rising police state. For the latest example, consider the Associated Press coverage of the plot to blow up the bridge near Cleveland. It presents the entire Occupy movement as dangerous anarchists and the FBI as heroes for tricking the would-be bombers into trying to blow up the bridge and exposing their extremism. A quote from an ACLU representative lends the illusion of another side to the story but nowhere does the issue of entrapment earn even a mention. This story provides more complete coverage of the exposed plot and the FBI involvement.

Remember how the FBI foiled this North Carolina terror cell? Here's what happened according to ABC, which touted "7 Home-Grown Terrorists Arrested in North Carolina by FBI" (ABC should know not to start a sentence with a number unless written out...). ABC later admitted the FBI's role in the plot.

And how about, "F.B.I. Arrests Man in a Suspected Terrorist Plot Near U.S. Capitol bomber" per the New York Times from February? Again, the reporter praises the FBI for stopping a plot - though it otherwise may never have existed - and pushes the idea that we were never really in any danger so the whole operation is just fine.

This Guardian story questions the legality of what it plainly calls, "Fake terror plots" and reveals the extent of these fake FBI sting operations. All of these stories make it difficult to think of a terror plot that was actually real and makes one start to wonder if even the domestic terrorist poster child Timothy McVeigh wasn't somehow setup by or involved with a scheme to create the idea that white Americans are just as great a threat to our safety as anyone from overseas. This video presents information that I still can't completely process. Take a look and lmk what you think.

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