Saturday, December 08, 2012

Where the roadblocks are

"Something's happening and you don't know what it is, do you, Mr. Jones?"

On a family road trip to Disney World last month, I noticed I-95 had changed quite a bit since my parents did the driving 30 years ago. The South of the Border billboard campaign needs some help, there's far less wilderness in the Carolinas and there are far more places to eat than Stuckey's and the Waffle House. I also noticed these new license plate readers:

I think these were in Georgia. I remember it wasn't too long ago when surveillance cameras were being installed on the highways in and around large cities. The people who knew what would likely follow were drowned out by the other people who couldn't wait to check the traffic flow on TV before leaving for work in the morning. Well, congratulations. Now we have surveillance cameras all over the Interstate highway system plus these new cameras shown above that automatically scan our license plates and save them in a database. As a bonus, we also get these red light cameras that automatically take your picture and send a ticket by mail for seemingly any infraction, guilty or otherwise. They also increase the number of accidents per studies cited in this editorial.

Next time you're about to say, "Don't make me stop this car!" or verbally abuse the crazy driver who almost just caused an accident, better think twice about the scene being shot on video and saved for review in a DHS fusion center. The facial recognition technology has become quite advanced and those pictures taken on nearly every ride at Disney World aren't just for your refrigerator and Facebook page per this revealing article. All those images of you behind the wheel are easily connected - automatically.

Not long after noticing the license plate readers, I noticed something bright orange sticking up from the on ramp where I-16 westbound exits onto I-95 northbound near Savannah, Ga. It was a railroad crossing style barrier and two of them were set in the upright position. They could just as easily be set in the down position to block traffic. I couldn't get a picture from the car but one of them is actually visible with Google maps per this screen shot (blue arrow added):
"This is just to check for te**orists at critical areas," you say? Plausible, though still a violation of the Constitution. Later, I noticed these new lights were installed at several on and off ramps on I-78 in western New Jersey. Not sure the Perkins in Phillipsburg is a hotbed of dangerous activity worthy of such attention. Part of the insidious nature of these installations is that when you notice them, it's hard to remember if you've seen them before. In this case, on I-78 at exit 3, I knew they were very recently installed. A crew was even busy doing another installation on a Saturday.


I also couldn't remember seeing these other new lighting installations (left and below). Taller and with more lights set at the top - or are some of them 360-degree cameras?

Then, only a few minutes later, I passed these cameras setup on the side of Rt. 173 between Phillipsburg and Bloomsbury, NJ (see below). It would be hard to find a more ordinary, nondescript section of roadway and the cameras certainly aren't scanning license plates since their position seems to target the drivers.

Yet DHS, TSA and even the mariners at NOAA and the Social Security Administration have been buying up millions upon millions of rounds of hollow point bullets per these articles. DHS also purchased these bullet-proof checkpoint booths. One might speculate these booths are to be installed at every on and off ramp, and elsewhere, monitored by overhead drones and manned by heavily armed, child-molesting TSA agents to keep people from fleeing their cities and towns. Remember that after Hurricane Katrina, victims were herded into the Superdome and many who tried to flee and walk to the next city were forced at gunpoint to return to their hell holes. Hurricane Sandy refugees on the Jersey Shore reported disconcertingly similar feelings at the hands of FEMA in this article.

But from what could we need to flee? That is the question. Your educated guesses are welcome in the comments.

UPDATE: Jan. 14, 2013
New cameras installed on Rt. 31 just north of Pennington, NJ. Again, these are imaging the people in the car, not the license plates. And tinted windows on the driver and passenger sides are illegal in this police state...

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