Friday, January 20, 2017

15 Reasons to Protest That Have Nothing to do with Trump

It's great to see so many Americans angry enough to take time from their lives to protest in the streets. Since smashing windows, setting fires and yelling, "F-Trump" doesn't seem like a very effective form of protest, I scribbled this list of a few pressing issues that not only are worth
We have many reasons to protest that are unrelated to Trump. Photo: Variety
protesting but if the protests were successful in sparking government action then the world would be a better place. Here are some issues worth protesting, in no particular order, feel free to add others in the comments:

1. We've been at war non-stop since we needlessly invaded Iraq and thousands of innocent people have been killed in our name with insane amounts of our tax money

2. The Internet was developed with our taxes yet its control was quietly given away to the United Nations

3. 3,500 infants die each year from SIDS, according to the CDC. Really? Healthy babies just suddenly die for no reason?

4. Bankers and other financial criminals continue to engage in illegal, fraudulent activities yet rarely go to jail and when caught, any fines are paid by our own taxes

5. Police brutality and outright murder, racially motivated and otherwise, continue, along with secret locations for "questioning"

6. Ordinary Americans are subjected to abuse, theft and destruction of property at the hands of the USDA, EPA, BLM and other gov't agencies

7. The DNC Wikileaks “leak” revealed Citigroup chose the cabinet for the previous president

8. Federal housing policy keeps poor people poor and is largely racist in nature

9. The surveillance state monitors much of our activity 24/7 in violation of the Constitution and the information was very recently allowed to be shared throughout the federal gov't

10. "Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press," yet we're restricted by many laws that abridge our right to free speech and the free press is under siege. There's no such thing as a free speech zone – the entire country is already a free speech zone

11. The death tax continues to take our money that had already been taxed as income – this tax continues to destroy family farms and other family businesses

12. The gov't takes billions of our dollars via taxes and gives it to corrupt dictators around the world while being entirely indifferent to the thousands upon thousands of homeless people on our own streets

13. The federal reserve banking cartel has no legal right to decide the interest rate on loans or to create our currency - 1913 Act entirely unconstitutional 

14. The federal gov't has no legal or natural right to take our money via income tax

15. We're still subject to unconstitutional stop and frisk

And the last reason to protest that's more legitimate than shouting "F Trump":

16. NFL coaches still can't challenge penalties


houry schmeizl said...

Thank you Paul. Well said.

Paul said...

Thanks. I'm off to knit myself a pink hat now.

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