Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Your Land Ownership Nullified, No Compensation

Many people who run Marxist governments spend their days scheming to eliminate the concept of private property. Today in Brazil, thousands are being forced out of their homes at gunpoint, their owners’ deeds  nullified and no compensation offered. United Nations troops joined Brazilian police and military personnel in carrying out the theft. Notice how the UN, military and police work together against the citizenry. And it's been going on literally for years with people getting a knock on their door and a bulldozer through it just minutes apart. New facilities need to be built for the 2016 Olympics, after all.

It may seem a world away (or at least a hemisphere) but this type of property theft, forced relocation and planned homelessness is the hallmark of every collectivist government on the planet and is likely not very far down the road here in America. Our government still grabs property using methods that appear legal, such as adjusting the tax code so family farmers could never afford to pay the estate taxes required to transfer the land to the next generation or buying land at taxpayer expense only to ban development and "return" it to a natural grassland or other ecosystem arbitrarily selected from some other time in the past.

When you scoff that it couldn't happen here, let's not forget our government "legally" removed the Cherokee Nation in what became known as the Trail of Tears, highlighting centuries of murderous land grabs perpetrated upon the Native Americans and forced American citizens of Japanese descent into concentration camps during WWII. We've even created a legal facade for such takings via the infamous court case, Kelo vs. New London. It's called economic development.

But at some point, people in the government won't even feel it necessary to show a facade of legality. Unfortunately, this point may come sooner than we think. 

More about the current Brazilian situation here. 
Some background on plight of family farms here and here.
Millions forced from homes in China, details here. 
Thousands forced from land in Ethiopia, land leased to big ag?

Thanks to Auntie Imperial for the image.


Alvaro Braga said...

I'm Brazilian, and this is bs.
I'd be ashamed of lying this much.

Paul said...

Hi Alvaro, I hope you're right. Please let me know what is incorrect.

Alvaro Braga said...

Sorry Poul, I'd love but this post does not deserve any word ahead. I'm out. If you're still interested, reach me anywhere by typing @noAlvaro.
Best wishes.

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