Thursday, February 14, 2013

Drones to drop bomb on home values?

Soon we'll have 30,000 drones flying over our homes here in America. We may not know where they are but as shown in this PBS documentary, "Rise of the Drones", they will certainly know where we are. Some local police departments are eager to get their hands on these drones to watch over their constituents, some want drones to shoot their constituents and some in the federal government are eager to provide funding to help militarize local law enforcement and put a drone on every home. In some states like Texas and cities like Seattle, officials have passed laws limiting or banning the use of these drones.

So, how much is it worth to you to live where drones are nowhere to be seen versus buzzing freely over your swimming pool and backyard barbecue, recording every move everyone ever makes - watching you to be sure you are attentively watching your children in the pool? That you're serving FDA-approved foods and drinks? With a government-certified lifeguard present? Just how much do we value privacy? We may soon find out when homebuyers are forced to weigh the pros and cons of living under drones 24/7 just as they weigh the pros and cons of the school system, commuting time and access to shopping.

I'll be curious to see how the threat of a drone strike upon one's home by Hellfire missile affects the housing price and the homeowners insurance rates. Will home destruction by presidential kill list require a rider? At what point will people sell their homes and move to states trying to be drone-free like Texas? And how much of a premium will drone-free skies command? How much of a loss will home sellers be willing to bear to get away from the constant surveilling and recording of their families' lives? And by then, will we even be allowed to move?

Anyone working in an economic development department of government at any level would be smart to work with their legislatures to pass laws banning the use of drones for any reason - and then market the hell out of their drone-free skies to attract companies and workers who understand the dangerous ramifications of a constant drone infestation. If you're not sure life will be any different once we're under 30,000 drones, just take a look at the thousands of innocent Pakistanis affected by our drone program. You'll have to do some digging - most of them are buried.

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