Thursday, August 01, 2013

Boston Marathon Bombing Showcases Tankless Martial Law

When governments want to show their power to the people, they usually roll in the tanks. Think Tiananmen Square. Or the Soviets in eastern Europe. In America, some fear-mongering activists relentlessly predict the federal government is about to roll in the tanks, declare martial law, dissolve Congress and take control of every city from New York to Los Angeles. They point to the DHS purchases of armored fighting vehicles by the thousands and of literally billions of hollow point bullets described here. They point to the expansion of the TSA from airports to random roads, bridges, trains and elsewhere as described here to show they're preparing to confine people to their homes or at least restrict their movements. They point to unconstitutional laws such as the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which guts the Bill of Rights, and the executive order allowing the feds to confiscate our food, water and other resources - including our physical labor - in times of emergency, as described here.
American citizens were "voluntarily" removed from their homes
after the Boston Marathon bombing.

But from a look at how events unfolded after the Boston Marathon bombing, it seems these tin foil hat types may have little to fear from tanks. The fact is, the government operated in Boston with the impunity of a formal martial law declaration by simply asking for a voluntary, shelter-in-place lockdown. "Please go home where you'll be safe..." And how they listened!  It turns out that when people in the federal government decide to declare martial law, they won't have to roll in the tanks, nor will they need the TSA to blockade every city in the country. They can simply ask for a voluntary lockdown for seemingly any reason from an impending snowstorm or the arrival of a presidential motorcade to a rabid dog on the loose or potentially dangerous sunspots. The people have demonstrated they will largely go to their homes and stay there until told the coast is clear. 

So, no worries about a rolling show of shock and awe on your neighborhood streets - it's quicker and easier to simply ask the people to go home and watch TV. Yet there are a number of questions about the Boston Marathon bombing investigation that weren't asked on TV. See these 12 unanswered questions.

 Photo courtesy Poor Richards News.

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