Friday, June 27, 2014

Subtle Media Manipulation, Part 1: Syria

Fox News Anchor Martha McCallum asked recently how we got to the point where we’re about to invade Syria, then turned to a timeline of events. It was certainly a sensible idea to regroup and assess the facts. 

However, the timeline began with the rebels engaged in fighting the Assad regime. This implies that we, the United States, are mere bystanders in a civil war, that we are heroically and grudgingly entering a conflict already in progress to set peace in motion. There is no discussion about events that predate the Fox timeline, no questions asking how the rebels secured weapons and money, why they would fight against Assad or from where these rebels came. The Fox News timeline leads to the conclusion that we must remove the evil Assad from power to save his oppressed people. 

But if the timeline were shifted back to the left then it would be clear that the United States via the CIA played a key role in destabilizing Syria and promoting the rebellion. This helps explain why the President supports arming and funding these rebels today. We've been doing it for years. But none of it adequately explains why American lives and money must be spent in Syria. 
Special thanks to the person (unknown) who created the image.

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