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Hunger Games Prequel Storyline

Many people find it impossible to conceive that our society could ever devolve into that of Panem as depicted in the Hunger Games. Yet part of its compelling alarm is the eerie realization that it just isn’t very hard to trace the steps from Panem backwards to the socialist police state that our society is fast becoming. While people chastise author Suzanne Collins for the gruesome violence - perpetrated by and against children, no less - consider that virtually every socialist society known to the human race perpetrated far more gruesome violence upon men, women and children by the millions and always operated as a dictatorship. In several cases, children were enlisted into their armies and taught the value of murdering people of all ages. For a few examples:
Hitler (National Socialist party) 

And the use of hunger as a weapon certainly is not new. This film shows how the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) intentionally starved millions of Ukrainians to death while stealing and exporting the grain these farmers grew. Chairman Mao and his communist cohorts also starved upwards of 30 million Chinese while exporting their grain to show the world how well its centrally planned economic system was working. So based on the 20th century alone, it actually is completely in character that the society of the Capital would punish the remains of the rebels with such horrors as the Hunger Games. 

Given the money generated and anticipated by the Hunger Games trilogy, Suzanne Collins is likely being pressured to begin work on the prequel trilogy. If she can write these as well as the first three books then I hope she's already at work. Here's one potential storyline, sans Jar Jar Binks:

The world is in turmoil. Two countries based loosely on the United States and China have developed weapons that can cause localized drought conditions leading to crop failures and famine. The two countries have also developed weaponry that pounds radio waves at the ionosphere to trigger earthquakes anywhere in the world at any time. When used over areas of known volcanic activity, Krakatoa-caliber eruptions ensue. Ash clouds, tsunami waves, floods and wildfires become daily occurrences. During this chaos, the fifth-term president declares a national emergency, permitting the implementation of worldwide martial law. The millions of troops pre-positioned at more than 900 bases around the globe are activated. Civilian movements are halted. Food, small arms and valuables are confiscated for use in defense of the free world from the Asian empire. Journalists, religious leaders and anyone speaking out against this necessary step are removed to prison camps, conveniently built just a few years earlier on the outskirts of each city.

Several years of retaliatory disasters and famine follow. The battle for control of space is marked by the daily launch of satellites and their destruction by ground-fired missiles. Finally, the two super powers exchange nuclear missile barrages against their rivals and their allies. When the fallout settles, only 1/3 of the world's population remains, many suffering slow, horrible deaths from radiation and/or starvation. Only the eugenicists who feared overpopulation could rejoice at the world's condition. Luckily for the world, the president, his team and their families have survived happily unscathed. Thanks to their Continuity of Government plan, they rise out of their bunkers to enforce control over what's left of their domain. 

Except, the long-suffering people have other ideas. Now that they have seen and experienced the deadly results of the endless wars imposed upon them for generations by their elected leaders, the people take up arms and demand their freedom. The president sends in the troops to quell the uprisings yet several divisions refuse to fire upon their own people. More troops are sent in and full scale civil war rages. Ultimately a war of attrition, the central government gradually overcomes the rebel forces. With their limited resources depleted, their people dying of starvation and resorting to cannabalism and the control of the government's weather weapon always looming above, no choice remains but surrender. 

Under the terms of surrender, the rebellious regions were allowed to grow food without fear of drought as long as half the harvest was given to the government. Regions unable to provide food were permitted to provide other resources necessary for rebuilding the country, such as raw materials and labor. From a control center in the capital, the air and water purification systems in the districts are switched on. Martial law remains in place. Unmanned aerial drones monitor the planet. A single roof is painted with an American flag - no, not the flag established in 2013, the one with 50 stars that had been outlawed after the New World Order took over. Pacing inside is one Mr. Kenneth Everdeen.

For Ms. Collins, plausibility becomes a greater challenge the nearer the story gets to our present day. Lucky for her, both American and Chinese scientists have been experimenting with weather control since the 1950's. The technical term is geoengineering and from a look outside, I'd suggest their tests have been successful. Some people suspect the sky striping chemtrails are involved.

Also lucky for Ms. Collins, American scientists working under the Air Force in Alaska have been conducting experiments bouncing radio waves off the ionosphere. The program is called The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP). This is the official U.S. government Web site. This is another Web site hypothesizing that HAARP was involved in the Japan earthquake and tsunami and that it may be involved in the recent increase in earthquake activity in places that rarely experience earthquakes, such as Bloomsbury, New Jersey, for example.

Furthermore, SWAT teams from the U.S. FDA have been raiding family farms and ranches, seizing their property and forcing them out of business under the guise of protecting us from raw milk and pork from feral pigs. Planting vegetable gardens is cause for jail time and isn't even allowed in some places. A bill in New Zealand would make it illegal to grow vegetables or sell seeds without permission from the government. It isn't much of a stretch to see agents from Panem's FDA controlling food production, collection and redistribution. After all, someone has to send each district its fair share.

Ms. Collins would also know that detention centers were being constructed all over America. Other Web sites counter that it's utterly ridiculous. Imagine! Our own federal government planning to take over the state and local governments and detain the dissenters?  And on a worldwide scale?

It sure seems crazy. Yet it has just enough plausibility to work as the basis for a prequel to the Hunger Games.


Anonymous said...

I dont believe that will ever happen to us. But, I do believe you guys are taking this book way out of proportion. Anyways, TeamPeeta:)!!!

Anonymous said...

I think this is a great idea and I hope Collins will come out with more books! Can't wait!

Paul said...

Thanks. And of course it's unlikely that will happen but there are signs that suggest we're transitioning into the kind of world where an event like the hunger games would be acceptable.

fast212 said...

it does seem relativitly possible but unlikely to happen, now.

Anonymous said...

I came up with a storyline myself with some comparisons to this a while back. Except the first Everdeen to be mentioned would be Gabriel Everdeen, the president of district 13 during the dark days. My idea for the prequels would be to have a massive nuclear and space war that decimated the majority of the world in the first book, the establishment of panem amidst political angst and acts of war (leading to the creation of districts from remaining states and founding the Capitol oppression of them) in the second book, and the dark days in the final book with Snow taking charge at the age of 21 with the SPOILER poison and all that during the rebellion. Check out the final chapter of my fanfiction third book at

Anonymous said...

The chances of anything like this happenong today are slim to none, seeing as though the US would never allow such a government to take charge. I don't feel like Suzanne should come out with more books and possibly ruin what is already a multi million dollar arsenal of books and soon to be movies. And for the record Team Gale!

Paul said...

Very nice. "Armed Peacekeepers" always makes me smile.

Anonymous said...

Dang. I had own storyline too. It contains some alternate history starting immediately after the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1992. In 1993, civil unrest sparks in every second and third world nations. In 1994, the United States along with several other first world nations begin to send their militaries to combat the unrest. In 1995, a new Asian bloc forms. From then to 2012, tension rise. On December 7, 2012, war begins.
SPOILER: In 2014, global thermonuclear war renders most of Earth's surface uninhabitable and
10% of the world population survives in North America. From the ashes rise Panem...

Anonymous said...

Wow how impressive using a good book as an excuse to criticize socialism; the Soviets and chinese were coummunist, the Nazi's fascists. Don't believe what Fox news tells you.

Paul said...

Nazis were the National Socialist party. If you're going to be nasty in addition to being misinformed and misguided then at least have the courage to use your name.

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