Wednesday, November 05, 2014

US Navy No Longer Following Obama's Orders?

Watch and listen carefully to this recruiting commercial for the U.S. Navy:

The voiceover says he is sworn to defend the U.S. Constitution and "obey the orders of those appointed over me." It's no secret the Pentagon has been at odds with President Obama since his first inauguration day, but if you're a member of the armed forces then the Constitution requires you to follow the orders of the commander-in-chief, which, in our country, is a civilian called the president.

From this ad, one might infer that the Navy does not recognize the authority of the president, who is elected, and will only follow the orders of the Secretary of Defense, who is appointed.

We have had a president for six years who ran on an anti-war platform yet he has started and escalated war after war and caused the suffering and death of thousands upon thousands all over the world. Is it possible that the president really isn't in control of these affairs?

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