Wednesday, October 22, 2014

On Investing: Long Live the Petrodollar

The rampant inflation of the money supply used to be a grave concern. Stealing our purchasing power by stimulus, quantitative easing and monetizing the debt drove me crazy by whatever name it was called. That most people didn't even notice the plundering was all the more infuriating. The seeming inevitability of the American dollar's collapse affected how I lived and invested for college and retirement. But the mysterious death of Christophe de Margerie, CEO of oil giant Total SA in a Moscow plane crash, has cleared up everything.
Another plane crash takes out dollar foe.

He stated oil sales don't have to be transacted in the American dollar, per this coverage. Now he's dead. Remember Libya and Benghazi? Gadhafi tried to introduce a gold-backed dinar per this account. Dead. The Libyan "rebels" even established a new central bank within hours of the takeover. Sure, that's what always happens after oppressed people rise up and take control. And Iraq? Saddam Hussein tried to sell oil without the American dollar, per this news and comment.

As long as the Federal Reserve private central banking cartel can murder anyone who dares slight the American dollar (along with everyone else unlucky enough to be on the same plane), as long as the USA will put its military might behind changing the regime in any country that dares slight the American dollar, then we Americans can feel safe in accumulating dollars. The cost in propping up the dollar, of course, is endless war.  But isn't that worth it?

So, go to work, put your dollars in the bank. Invest in stocks. The ever-inflating money supply will cause stocks to go nowhere but up - in nominal value only. But who cares about such details? Now move along, there's nothing to see here.  

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