Saturday, February 13, 2016

Presidential Election Getting Too Much Attention?

We call the president the leader of the free world. We're outraged the next president will either be even worse than Obama or will nullify his eight years of change. There's panic over the presidential election of 2016, as if the winner will wield such power over our lives that we must live or die with every change in the polls and prepare to flee the country if the wrong candidate wins. What if the
Republican or democrat, the policies are largely the same.
president doesn't wield so much power? What if he's merely the face of the powerful interests that truly wield the power over our lives? Would it still matter so much who lives in the White House?

Our government has become so pervasive and bloated that one person, a president, with barely two or three years to rule before facing re-election, can hardly take any real control over the many organizations that truly run the country and influence global politics from behind the scenes. The Pentagon, the CIA, the NSA, the Federal Reserve private bank cartel and other organizations enact their own, self-serving policies at taxpayer expense, often in conflict with the stated policies of a presidential administration - and nearly always against the interests of the American people. If a president refuses to go along, these organizations can simply bide their time until the next election. John F. Kennedy, for example, when he tried to fire CIA Director William Donovan after the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba, was famously told, "You can't fire me, you don't even know who I work for!" Presidents come and go but the bureaucracy lives on. In the decades since the JFK assassination, these interests have only become more entrenched.

If we consider the policies the two democratic candidates would like to implement from the Oval Office, the policies are largely the same. If we consider the policies the remaining republican candidates would like to implement, they, too, are largely the same. The differences are often just semantics. All support some type of amnesty for illegal immigrants, the difference is only in the implementation. All essentially support the same economic policies of the Obama administration. They mention Obamacare but none truly want to let the free market into the conversation. What's different? Just the Great Wall of Trump and Ted Cruz in the role as the faux Constitutionalist? So, not much - certainly not enough to alarm the leadership running the drug trade at the CIA.

Everyone left on the stage for both major parties supports a continuation of perpetual war, inflating the money supply and the ongoing takeover of America by the federal government. Maybe the person we elect to occupy the Oval Office in 2016 isn't as important as we're led to believe.

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