Friday, February 24, 2012

Chemtrails Causing Toxic Odor in NJ?

I was driving west on Rt. 12 in Flemington near the municipal complex at 1:30 p.m. today when we drove through an awful odor. Since it was nearly 60 degrees F in the middle of February(?!?) and the windows were down, the kids in the back seat and I instantly cried foul. It wasn't a gasoline or burning oil type of odor. And it wasn't exactly a sulfurous, rotten egg type of odor, either, though definitely not a skunk. In fact, it was an odor I don't think I'd ever encountered. My kids were quick to demand we close the windows, and within a few seconds of closing them, the odor subsided. No smoke was visible. No farms were covered in sludge or manure today. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. It was then I noticed in the sky a series of airplane vapor trails and experienced a moment of realization akin to Brad Pitt seeing what was in the box in Seven - a horrific moment where all the dots were connected.

"Director! Cut to Paul in dolly zoom shot."

Staying in my lane became quite a challenge while scanning the sky in every direction to see if it really could be true. Was the smell caused by the vapor trail? And just how many of these contrails were still in the sky? Turning north onto Rt. 579, I saw at least three trails in parallel lines, each about the same distance from the other. I pulled over and though I didn't have a panoramic lens, I had my phone and took these pictures:

The two on the bottom depict a plane in flight leaving a trail. The photo on top shows one trail across the top and a second one farther in the distance near the roofline. Another trail in Quakertown was quite thick then precipitously stopped next to blue sky. So, what dots were connected?

A few months ago, I read a superb book about the Federal Reserve entitled, "The Creature From Jekyll Island" by Edward Griffin - I highly recommend it, btw, if you care at all about your money and how you can keep some of it. Poking around on Mr. Griffin's Web site, I came across a documentary film entitled, "What In the World Are They Spraying?", which supposes many of these vapor trails that we ignore as ordinary contrails are actually not ordinary contrails but are, in fact, chemtrails. Check out a variety of chemtrails videos on YouTube here. The full-length documentary suggests that some planes are actually spraying something in the air and that whatever it is, it may be toxic or it may be part of a program of geoengineering. We're not quite at the point where Ricardo Montalban (Khan) can destroy the Earth with the Genesis device but check out that geoengineering link. I was surprised to learn that although geoengineering, a.k.a. screwing with the weather on a global scale, is not widely discussed, Congress has already heard testimony about it per this Webcast and the U.K. is already working on treaties to permit and manage the experiments. It seems a lot of people know about this but the American people know next to nothing. Why is that?

Or maybe it's something completely different. Or nothing. Or maybe it's just ridiculous per this debunking site. I would be grateful if you would please take a look at one or two of these links and offer an alternate hypothesis or confirm the validity of the debunking site or at least suggest another conclusion that may be drawn from this information. It's one thing for the federal government to steal from us by taxes and inflation from right under our noses but it's quite another to think we can't walk outside and breathe in the air on an unseasonably warm winter day without potentially being exposed to something toxic.

UPDATE: This photo was in Feb. 2012 taken at Blue Mountain, which is very close to the Lehigh Valley International Airport, so it's easy to explain why three jets would be flying parallel to each other at what looks like the same altitude, right? The third plane is slightly hidden behind the treetops. Please excuse the hasty Photoshopping.

UPDATE #2: This photo was taken on a very warm day in early March 2012 at the King's Supermarket mall parking lot off Rt. 22 in Whitehouse, NJ, which is very close to the Solberg airport in Readington. Small, private charter jets occasionally use the airport, though, multiple jets were in the sky at the time. It looks like six separate trails criss-cross the sky plus three others seem to have fanned out into a v-shape.

UPDATE #3: The skies above Hunterdon County, NJ, look like the photo in Update #2 so often that it's become easy to tell when the spraying is being done. The trails appear initially as ordinary contrails but instead of gradually disappearing these remain as stripes, gradually thickening and fanning out until clear, blue skies are blanketed in a milky, white layer of artificial clouds. This type of cloud-like formation certainly was never in my textbooks next to cumulous, nimbus, stratus and cirrus. You can imagine my surprise to wake up and see these trails right over my roof:

and the view from the front yard:
...a few minutes later:

Here's a segment from Albany, NY PYX 106 radio that I found educational.

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