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Why I Agreed to Run as a Delegate

First, please check this map to see who lives in NJ District 7

Next, if you’re not registered Republican, register here so you can vote for me on June 5th in the primary – you don’t even have to vote for any of the presidential candidates. Just check the box by my name and then go to work, or go golfing.

Message me on FB, call or email at paul at so we can find a time when I can get your signature on my paper. Thank you!
So, here’s how this happened:

I never intended to become a delegate. I just happened to click on a link in an email newsletter asking if anyone would be interested. I was more curious about what a delegate actually does than interested in becoming one. Similar to how the electoral college members actually vote for president, these delegates vote at the party’s state and national conventions to determine the nominee who will represent the party in the presidential election. Our own votes in the primaries and caucuses are still important – they count - they’re just not quite as important as the media would like us to believe. In some states like New Jersey, these delegates are required to vote for the candidate who won the statewide popular vote. In other states, delegates are not required to vote with the outcome of the popular vote. That’s why this race is far from over. It’s not about how many states are “won” as the media often proclaims, but rather, about the number of delegates who are pledged to vote for each candidate. Furthermore, the delegates may change their minds at the convention and vote for someone else depending on a variety of circumstances.
Paul Entin is running as a delegate in NJ District Seven. 

But back to the circumstances that brought me here and gave me confidence to go up against reality, I’d been curious about economics, currency and the nature of money for years and read, “A Short History of Money and Banking” (Gouge). This provided historical context. It revealed the adverse impact and perverse nature of our central banking system on the economy, especially as it relates to inflation and real estate. It turns out our real estate bubble was nothing out of the ordinary and, in fact, quite predictable – and some did predict it since the same thing has been happening over and over for centuries.

Then I read “Economics In One Lesson” (Hazlitt). It turns out the sure way to grow our economy had been proven time and again. Yet our government had been pushing and continues to push for policies that are the complete opposite – both major parties are guilty. The answers were so startlingly clear and obvious that I had no choice but to conclude that our elected officials were either (a) truly stupid beyond mere ignorance or (b) some of them were actively pushing an agenda that knowingly and intentionally harms the people of America. Having also read "Gulag Archipelago" (Solzhenitsyn) and "We the Living" (Rand), two books that detail what happens under socialist, authoritarian rule, I had no choice but to conclude “b”, the red pill, and began reading further about the Federal Reserve, Fabian Socialism and architecture. “Wait, what?” Yes, I was curious about architecture and building design so I read a few books on the subject. Odd I could spend 12 years in school including A.P. History and never learn about the history of any of these subjects.

But none of these books revealed there was a man behind the curtain playing the wizard. Rather, I inferred from them that behind all the smoke and fire and the wizard’s commanding voice through the media that there most likely was a curtain and it had to be hiding something. Exactly what I had no idea but something wasn’t right. Strange things were afoot at the Circle K. The Creature from Jekyll Island (Griffin), which covers the origin of the Federal Reserve, how money is created and the nature of currency, connected the dots. And the dots show we’re all in a lot of trouble and have been for a long time. This isn’t meant to scare you (but you will be) but I’d encourage you to read this book immediately. In fact, I’ll send my copy to the first one who asks. It’s also free online as an ebook.

The reality is our elected officials (and unelected Federal Reserve officials) know quite well what happens when the money supply is ballooned beyond comprehension: inflation. Rising prices indicate the value of the dollar is dropping and it requires more dollars to meet or measure the cost of the same gallon of gas or carton of milk. Another result is our 401(k)’s and other retirement savings accounts decline in value. We’re investing dollars with a given measure of purchasing power but we’ll be withdrawing dollars with a fraction of that purchasing power.

I was weighing where to invest my annual retirement contribution and realized I’d been scammed. We all have. With higher and higher inflation these dollars are becoming worthless. With record-low, artificially low interest rates, dollars sitting in a bank still decline in value yet stocks are artificially inflated by the ever-expanding money supply - and are likely due to crash. Gold and silver? While thinking about this, I came across an email about becoming a delegate.

I’ve also been quite alarmed by the removal of our freedom and how easily it was done. What? You didn't notice? Now any American can be murdered for nearly any fabricated reason without a trial or due process of any kind, or just held in a secret prison forever. Policemen can write themselves search warrants now with virtually no probable cause of anything and raid your home. Now it’s legal for the U.S. military to operate on American soil. We’ve ordered 30,000 aerial drones not to watch over Afghanistan but just to keep an eye on us here in America. Kids are given shots at school when their parents already declined in writing. The dehumanization of the TSA. The Patriot Act. The Internet Killswitch. Random police roadblocks. SWAT teams terrorizing ordinary citizens without a warrant and shooting the family dog. Your property can be stolen using eminent domain in the name of the common good. You can be jailed in New Jersey for buying a Taser but the police can use it on your six-year old in the principal's office. And the Federal Reserve just granted itself more power. Some of us even noticed but what could we do to stop it from happening? While thinking about this, I came across an email about becoming a delegate.

It also occurred to me a few weeks ago that my son could be drafted to go to Iran. I suspect many of the commentators on TV demanding we attack Iran won’t be going there to fight nor will any of their children. Mitt Romney enjoyed a series of deferments from Vietnam. So did Newt Gingrich. I doubt any of Leon Pannetta's grandchildren will see combat. Then John McCain proclaimed we need to attack Syria. Ridiculous. Knowing these wars are part of a plan that included invading Iraq and Libya and includes Lebanon, among others, doesn’t make it any easier to stop it from happening. Dare I even mention the Constitution doesn’t allow for a draft? While thinking about this, I came across an email about becoming a delegate.

And I clicked the link. Now I’m running as a delegate and I just need you to sign my form. Please
message me on FB, call or email at paul at so we can find a time when I can get your signature. We need more than 100 by next week. Thank you!


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