Monday, April 30, 2012

Look up in the sky, it's not a bird...

I took this picture earlier today from in front of the post office:

The two white stripes crossing the sky left to right were left by airplanes flying at what appeared to be the same speed at the same altitude at the same time. A third plane is just off to the left outside the frame. The v-shaped, white area running diagonally toward the bottom, right corner used to be a thin, white stripe like the other two and the two white areas in the left corner above the roof also used to be thin, white stripes like the other two. These trails do not disperse as ordinary contrails, rather they disperse in this fanning pattern, blanketing the sky in a hazy cover that looks like clouds. But they're not.

In Hunterdon County, New Jersey, these chemtrails are being sprayed about every third day. Just look up in the sky. Do commercial airliners flying from Newark or Allentown to Florida really go back and forth in a criss-crossing pattern that leaves a grid of white stripes all over the sky? Even on clear days, the sky hasn't been as bright blue as it should be...and it certainly isn't due to manufacturers polluting the air (this is farm and horse country). In fact, on several occasions, I've noticed planes leaving these trails while other jets in the area at the same time left no contrails at all. And until very recently, we were more likely to see a hot air balloon in the sky than a jet.

Seriously, just look up in the sky every day. Once you recognize this for what it is, you'll see it every time and wonder what's going on. See my other photos here.

Play guess the cloud or chemtrail game here.

What are chemtrails?

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