Monday, January 23, 2017

Top 5 Twilight Zone Episodes for a Trump Administration

President Donald Trump sounds to many Americans as if they've entered the Twilight Zone. From fake news to racism and the plight of displaced factory workers, here are the five best Twilight Zone episodes to watch during a Trump presidency:
"Spock, do sensors read Donald Trump on the wing?"
Photo: Democratic Underground

“Devil's Printer” – A failing newspaper owner can't make any money objectively covering the news so the owner makes a deal with Burgess Meredith - except he's the Devil in this episode. Together, they create the news, break the news and control the news.

“To Serve Man” – Do you read the whole article before sharing online or just the headline? Can you trust the author? Aliens come to Earth offering to end hunger and disease out of the goodness of their hearts but it turns out they're really interested in the goodness of Earthlings in their bellies. If only people had taken the time to check the source and read the whole text beyond the headline.

“He's Alive” – Dennis Hopper preaches a particular brand of hate as a budding politician with support from a mentor who turns out to be none other than Hitler. Sometimes a politician's personal charm becomes more important to voters than their policies and the people suffer.

“Brain Center at Whipple's” – A manufacturer replaces his workers with a "totally automated machine" in the name of productivity. In one of Rod Serling's preachiest scripts, he makes a better case for humans versus robots than the AFL-CIO ever did. But that still won't bring back jobs from China and few in the media are pointing out the role of automation in job loss while the focus is on trade deals and unpatriotic business execs.

“The Whole Truth – A used car salesman tries to sell a car that forces him to tell the truth. He can't control what alternative facts come out of his mouth or hide what's wrong with the car. If only he'd had Twitter.

Watch them on Hulu here.

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