Thursday, May 04, 2017

Republicans Celebrate Saving Obamacare

I was interviewed today by a CNBC reporter about repealing Obamacare and replacing it with the American Healthcare Act, a.k.a. Trumpcare. Since few people had time to actually read the bill before the vote and there was no real debate in the House, and the only debates on the news occurred after the fact, I thought it worth sharing these points from our conversation:

Members of Congress are still exempt so that says a lot about how great this plan is going to be for the American people.

There seem to be a number of items in the bill funneling federal tax money to the states so the states can decide how to use the money. If ever there was an inefficient system that can only promote waste and abuse, this is it. Instead of the federal government taking our money and giving some to the states to make our healthcare decisions for us, how about we just keep our money and use it to to pay our doctors?

The new bill does not repeal Obamacare. It does not remove the individual mandate that forces us to pay for healthcare whether we want it or not. The president and the republican party have proven they are entirely without principles. The republicans like to talk about free markets during the election but they never follow through once in office. The republicans have caved in and accepted the basic premise of Obamacare that the government can force us to buy anything they want us to buy.

We don't have a two-party system, we have a one party system and everyone's invited - except the American people who pay for the party.

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